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Welcome to HouseFlipper1972.com

We've been successfully Flipping Houses since 1972. We are real House Flipping Professionals. We have recently remodeled and are still in working on bringing you all the best House Flipping tips and must have tools for Flipping Houses.

House Flipping Community and Resourses

We've been busy building more and better pages filled with more of the latest information for Flipping Houses. We hope you will enjoy the progress we've made and continue to visit our website. We would like to thank all our loyal visitors for all the input and we will strive to live up to your expectations. Thank you again and please pardon our mess as we continue to grow and expand.

Check out our House Flipping Quick Tips. Get new flip tips and share yours for other investors to view. Featured flip tips from Steve Cook himself. Steve is an expert house flipper and #1 guru on wholesaling homes.

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I would like to thanks everyone for all the feed back and great reviews. I work hard to bring you helpful house flipping tools. House flippers from all around have been waiting anxiously for the right time to start flipping houses again. The time has arrived and flippers nation wide are gearing up for 2011. 2011 is set to be one of the best years for house flipping. I will continue to gather and offer the latest information and resources for flipping houses as they arise.

Stewart Taylor
Founder HouseFlipper1972.com
Last Update 2/2/11

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