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Best time to buy real estate has passed?

Question by tylor: Best time to buy real estate has passed?
I’ve been watching the market, it seems the best time to buy real estate was this past Summer from May to September. There were a lot of good AND cheap houses on market at that time. Right now good and cheap ones are sold, the ones left are either good but still expensive or cheap with poor quality. Along plans out from the government, real estate would go up from now on, very slowly and undetectable at the beginning though. Still there will be foreclosures, but are more likely much fewer. Do you agree?

Best answer:

Answer by ramana66
You are right.I too feel that this is the best time to grab real estate deals.There is a better future for real estate because of globalisation.If not now future.That’s for sure.
“Rome is not built in one day”
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5 Responses to “Best time to buy real estate has passed?”

  • radiorog8:

    i disagree, ther are many good buys you need to know how to buy, look for properties in neighborhoods in good school districts and near good shopping but also look for fsbo properties,in 2009 properties will still be available at very good prices that you very likely can flip at nice profit.

  • Alterfemego:

    It is still a good time to buy real estate

  • A D:

    You don’t say where you are or where you would like to buy real estate, but I think the best time to buy is yet to come…maybe.

    Once the details of the bail-out (oops, sorry, “rescue plan”), are worked out, it may be a better time to buy. There are still plenty of people upside down on their properties who would like to sell. Some may be able to refi and take advantage of the “loan modification” programs, but there are others who will want out.

    Plus, I think many lenders have either been slow or unable (because of their governing rules) to price properties at what buyers are willing to pay. That may change now.

    I suggest you check with a lender about your ability to get financing, save up for the down payment, get a real estate agent to keep you abreast of what’s going on. And, when you find the right property…jump on in!

    Good luck!

  • bud68:

    It will vary by region and area. Real estate markets are local, not national.


    There are several things that are constant and necessary at all times. 1. Get out of the fear mode. Anytime is a good time when you’re qualified.
    2. Understand what your fiinancing capacity is.
    3. Always consider the risks you are taking and how much if any.
    4. Determine what it is you want to do in the market (ie: buy,sell, manage,create cash flow, invest in commercial etc.
    5. Find the best resourceful realtor who can answer all of your questions, give you the correct facts and minimize speculation so you can make quicker decisions, in your community, in state, out of state, international and who you can make a commitment too. This should be a long term relationship. Technology will allow you access to alot of information that you may not understand regardles of how much know. So the right realtor will be your best resource for a successful venture.
    6. Find the best mortgage person who will be honest with you and is not afraid to let you research his suggestions or, approach,understands the resources that he has and knows what the underwriting quidelines are for whatever financing program you use. This is also a team effort and a long term relationship should be considered.

    I could keep writing but, I think these suggestion can help.

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