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Buying real estate instead of saving for retirement?

Hi, I’m a little nervous that I am not able to save much for retirement due to the purchase of two houses. I’m thinking that retirement is good to have a few houses worth, I’m thinking correctly? I was thinking more about having a house, at least, paid for the rental and other retirement help – but I’m being stupid? Thank you for your comment!

5 Responses to “Buying real estate instead of saving for retirement?”

  • StephenWeinstein:

    House prices have been high since the last years and are decreasing at this time due to the subprime mortgage fiasco. You should have some savings in something safer than real estate.

  • Mike:

    Historically, real estate has been an excellent investment, but as we now see, real estate has its ups and downs too. If you are buying real estate now, is likely to make a rational choice. If you are holding real estate that you may have paid a much higher price for, I think you are making a wise choice también.Usted exploit it has a good plan, however, is very important to diversify. Do you have a 401k plan can participate? If so, it would be wise to start its diversification there. Make sure that your 401k is well diversified too. Not be afraid to ask a professional. A good professional is more than worth your precio.También recommend a good cash position. A good plan involves more than the maximum return. Sometimes not losing is the best way to win. You have a good start in real estate, so that their focus should be your next 401k, good cash position, and then individual stocks, bonds, REITS, annuities, etcPasé 11 years as a stockbroker / financial planner before to become a banker. For free professional advice on how to allocate your 401k, do not hesitate to email me. I’m happy to help.

  • bostonianinmo:

    While real estate has historically increased in value over time, performance of securities markets (stocks, etc) has surpassed the gains in the property market in nearlly all cases. There are some exceptions in markets like New York or San Francisco, where there is little in the way of new construction due to lack of availability of land to build unless you are invested in one of these markets, you will do much better over time with property shares raíces.Al compare the 50 and 100 years moving average, real estate has barely kept up with inflation. Stock markets on the other side have done incredibly well in comparación.Si real estate investments are highly leveraged, i. e. using borrowed funds to invest, your rate of return can be very important when compared with their money invested i. e. down payments. But some houses sitting on paid-off in the hope of having a decent retirement is a fool’s errand. You’ll do much better to sell and put their money in equity investments selected what will be sitting at home. A well-balanced stock portfolio will almost double the time compared to real estate in nearly all cases.

  • Frank Castle:

    Intelligent mueve.Especialmente if you have more than one child.

  • dave t:

    Excellent pregunta.En my opinion, are doing the right thing in trying to generate an additional revenue stream to fund their retirement. If the property is the right answer depends on where you live, etcPero actually we’re not talking short term here as a lot can happen in a few years, but at 10.20, 30 years? No one can guide and even experts can only look to the past to predict the futuro.Mantenga pushing for additional revenue streams, because this will give you great flexibility when you approach the jubilación.Hay an interesting article on this at http: / / www. cafebabyboomers. COM

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