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How To Buy Bank Owned Real Estate

Tips you need to know to save you Money, Time and Stress when buying a Bank Owned property. Bank Owned real estate is a perfect investment for the First Time Home Buyer as well as the Real Estate Investor and Move Up Buyers. Learn how to find properties eligible for 0 down FHA Financing or to inquire about the special FHA Rehab Loan for Bank Owned properties. I can be found online at tucson-fha-loans.com or at http

25 Responses to “How To Buy Bank Owned Real Estate”

  • mbalch23:

    Paul, I need to find a bank owned property specialist in the Omaha Nebraska area.

  • Burgoon123:

    “Six months in the REO business is equivalent to eighteen months in conventional real estate. You learn so much, and so quickly that your learning curve accelerates three times as fast. By- Aram Shah and Tim Shah . I learned REO’s by reading “REO BOOM” I hope you guys find this book helpful like I did. Wish you guys luck in 2012

  • ricoc947:

    Hello Paul, I’m in need of a real estate agent familiar with REO properties [ onrealestate1@gmail.com ] thank you!

  • thisshirtoffmyback:

    Have you looked into properties in Kansas City?

  • MajidEsfahan:

    Hi Paul, looking for a real state agent that specialize in REOs in Los Angeles area. (marcabazari@gmail.com) Thank you!

  • housevaluecheck:

    As realtor in Burbank Ca I strongly recommend my clients to buy a real estate in Los Angeles area.
    I also think gold and silver investments should be part of ones portfolio,

    Aram Arakelyan
    Your LA Broker For Life!
    Realty Needs Network
    House Value check

  • financevet:

    Informative piece. I will say this though, I have found that creating the buyers and getting them approved is the real way to success in this economy. The properties at discount is the easy part. When we jv with investors/rehabbers, and bring in the buyers that are ready to close, now that’s when it gets sweet!!! manwithwords@gmail.com

  • recellit:

    Hello Paul, thank you for this video. I’m 22 looking to buy my first place with in the next year here in California. Thinking of mainly going with the condo approach. I have a co-signer willing to help qualify me for the finance process my grandmother. the fha loan process is what i think i will go with but how do you even find bank owned properties that i can qualify for? are my tax returns going to affect me in getting qualified for the loan with a co-signer with an over 800 credit score?

  • acer2255:

    paul iam very interested in an reo in fl. it droped again in price the realtor told me cash only if i summit a lease option would’nt they have to summit it to the lender or would the realtor throw in trash since they already told me cash only?

  • mattonlineify:

    looking to buy reo in north highlands Sacramento as a investment property to rent out for my sister, i would be interested in an fha loan on a property that is reo and around 60 thousand, with possible rehab loan, could u recommend a reo agent in this area, also my credit in not so great but my parents are will to co sighn and have extreamly high creit rating….any help would be great ….thanks

  • cadger10:

    Can you still get the list of homes that qualify for the 100$ loan? I live in Columbia, SC

  • darlene1ist:

    paul i need to find a realtor who has experience in buying reo’s darlene.solomon@ymail.com thanx

  • dkw12002:

    Problem is, many people bought as is for $170,000, rehabbed for $44,254 and found the after=improved value was $120,000.

  • bonjour24151:

    how do i get a property “MULTI-UNIT that will qualify for a 203 loan

  • mperillie:

    @frherma The 203K loan is not currently available for investors. They may open it up to investors in May of this year.

  • frherma:

    paul, re the 203k for an investor, it is the same min down payment, 3%.
    and what’s the max loan size for new york city property???

    is the loan for an investor based on the investors personal credit??? or as many invertors have businesses that are corporations or llc’s can the loan be based on the credit worthyness of the business???

  • iwfky:

    Paul, I live in ny westchester county, help me finding a reo property specialist.

  • spectrum0590:

    Great information on how to acquire property that went to foreclosure process. This will help people acquiring a home in different option.

  • jedjedize:

    I live in New Jersey. How would I find REOs in my area? Is there a list? I know there are forclosure websites. Thanks

  • TheREIMaverick:

    Yea I really like this video and I just had to place a comment. I have already checked out your channel and I like what you are doing!

  • MMAAllegiance:

    I live in the Los Angeles county area. I need a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and a 1 living room home in the San Gabriel Valley area.

  • azreosales:

    Good job on the informative video – I’m up in Phoenix, AZ and have sold over 800 bank owned properties in the last 30 months. You were right on target. I’m never too busy for your referrals to anyone looking to get an “exclusive list” of bank owned homes up in the Phoenix, AZ area. Keep up the good work! Joe Martin RE/MAX Diamond

  • yveslema:

    Please recommend someone in San Antonio, TX., who is experienced in selling bank owned properties. Thank you

  • mommabeast:

    Currently looking at a property that I fell in love with, although it does need some work and it IS bank-owned. I’ve shied away from bank-owned properties because it is my understanding you have to have ‘liquid assets,’ or, basically, cash-in-hand. I do not have either! You said these houses can be financed? The realtor said it is eligible for 203K financing. I need an experienced realtor in bank-owned homes and would appreciate your help. I live in Indpls., IN. Thank You!

  • BadBadKitty74:

    Where do I find FHA Repo $100 down list for Washington state?

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