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Catherine Austin Fitts on Alex Jones Tv 1/4: Get Out of Paper and Get Into Gold!!

Catherine Austin Fitts, the president of Solari, Inc., the publisher of The Solari Report, managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, and the former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration. solari.com www.infowars.com

25 Responses to “Catherine Austin Fitts on Alex Jones Tv 1/4: Get Out of Paper and Get Into Gold!!”

  • ivebeenburned:

    and obama wants to shut down the inter-net


    Catherine knows this President got whacked 4 printing US govt note –

    DEAD JFK makes U laugh
    while revealing the 9-11 SCAM

  • liketanyanot:

    Read Fitt’s excellent essay on her personal account of the black ops budgets, the very thing that bankrupted HUD, as the black ops were siphoning out millions from HUD into unaudited, no-oversight secret military projects having to do with reverse engineering. Devastating.

    Google search “What’s up with the black ops budget?” and Catherine Austin Fitts-

    It is a genius, brilliant, patriotic, outraged, amazing, amazing, amazing article- she speaks truth and that’s what got her shitcanned.

  • LottsaLasagna:

    Shes a status Quo phony Give me a break what a joke

  • ngonea:

    Sec of Treasury, Attorney General,&
    Sec of State all have to “expatriate ” to perform their jobs, what does that tell you? The 2 societies are
    1. Private 2. Public, The 12 trillion is
    uncliamed assets in escrow accounts by the puplic.designated as abandoned after 36 mos by the Banksters. with the blessings of the crocks in public office making public policy.. I’m sure Kathryn Austin Fillts knows this. , but does not want the cannon fodder to know it. Keep them down on the farm?

  • BeeyondNeptoon:

    alex jone’s voice is even worse. This fucker sounds like a bear choking on a fucking NWO cock.

  • propanes:

    Jerk, stop whining. Her voice is fine.

  • lyftari:

    Bullshit – great voice.

  • mahammadabba:

    I don’t mind her voice at all. She has a clear and coherent information conveyance.

  • ThomasMorton99:

    Intelligent analysis, thanks.

  • BeeyondNeptoon:

    this bitch’s voice is unbearable. I’d rather hear fingernails on a blackboard.

  • SteveXnycperformance:

    @0:44 finally some one understand life, cause we choose to stand under life. the rich stand under money. we are not of worship or ownership, we are of giving. giving life a meaning with a cause.

  • thetimman00:

    Since all money is now pure debt, all interest is also pure debt. The only way to pay the interest is with assets in the end. Someone has to be forclosed on.

  • allmanboat:

    I liked the anamal farm comment I am not sure if she knows that that book is about communism or not but it was writain about russia and karl marx and all of those great communests.

  • Djelomou:

    @Th2EyA0rEa1MoN2gUs Hmm and of course the Rockefellers and Cie have no gold but only tomatoes…
    lots of people make this point but what is stopping to buy gold and a gun and to store food at the same time?

  • cheech99rm:

    Point taken, but save your gold, buy a rifle and learn how to hunt.

  • reassor:

    here you se how capitalism in action fails … on paper it looks good but in reality ….

  • jrm404:

    If you have no savings and live from paycheck to paycheck like most people then gold isn’t for you. When they blowout the dollar and revalue everyone’s bank accounts with the new currency and you have to give up $10.00 for $1.00 for the new currency gold will hold its value and protect your savings. But if you plan on spending the gold then no don’t go for it. Gold is the only way to protect what savings you have not to spend.

  • PrincesseJen:

    “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their GOLD SHALL BE REMOVED: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD:”
    Ezekiel 7:19

    I wouldn’t waste my time on gold either.

  • Zedonius666:

    Wow… just….wow.

  • lastpoet1:

    ur doing great alex keep up the great work and i know i will be exposing what i know to the plp i know and hearing my politions talking about this year and there fruture plans i know now that banks got a hold of them with there talk about getting rid of our making things and having doctors and sientists instead and thats the liberals in canada they want to do what u americans did with there industral but what happens to the farmers and igronent plp who dont know how the world works

  • greenghost2008:

    “who much money are u making on those FREE views?” lol

  • MishuTaste:

    Let’s say I have $10,000 in savings. I convert that into gold coins. Then inflation comes. I have to buy food. I start using my coins one by one to buy food. Then I run out of coins. Then what? Beg for food?

  • eddiefreddie39:

    SIGINT is critical to monitoring everything , This was planned.

  • Th2EyA0rEa1MoN2gUs:

    do you like eating gold, i wouldnt trade all the gold someone had for any food if there were no grocery stores.

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