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Generate Residual Income through Real Estate: Buy Foreclosures  

Article by James Klobasa

Buying a foreclosure is a good way to generate residual income through real estate. Foreclosure is basically a situation which occurs when an individual doesn’t pay the mortgage bills. You can make money on foreclosure before anybody gets to know about them and it becomes public knowledge. There are clearly 3 etched out phases in the process of foreclosure – pre foreclosure, foreclosure at action, and post foreclosure. You can get a better leverage position if you can intervene at an earlier point in the process of foreclosure. The best time to enter the process is just after the auction or just before the cure day.A real estate investor can purchase properties that are in their foreclosure at prices lower than the market value. Such a person can find a list of foreclosure properties through real estate listings, mortgage brokers, internet website or local newspapers. However, it is best to stick to one area and buy foreclosure properties there. This has an added advantage of you getting to know the market well. Familiarization with a targeted area or locality means that there are more chances of profits from residual income through real estate. A real estate investor must be adept at identifying properties that will allow the chance to make the maximum benefits from residual income through real estate in a very short time. In fact multiple properties should be purchased to avoid a period of inactivity that might arise in the future due to non availability of foreclosure properties. Once a property is purchased, the house can be quickly repaired with adequate renovations, replacements and refurbishment. An important fact that must be kept in mind before buying a foreclosure property is that houses that need only cosmetic repair are the most profitable and useful for making residual income through real estate.After the necessary changes have been made, the real estate investor should quickly look for a buyer and should finalize the deal with the first interested buyer. It is not a good idea to wait for any others who might make a better deal. This is because the more a flipped house sits in the market, the lower its price becomes in the market. However, a real estate investor might want to keep a property for a length of time in the group holdings for investments. The primary reason behind this is the chance to build equity while at the same time the real estate investor receives a residual income through real estate. In fact the more the number of properties the real estate investor has, the more his profit will be.Purchasing a foreclosure is good and extremely popular method of making good profits and residual income through real estate. In fact with a bit of smart thinking a lot of money can be saved in the renovation stage.

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James Klobasa, once broke with no job and ,000 in debt made a choice that changed his life forever. That choice was investing in Real Estate. You too, can make that choice. Learn and be kept up to date with the latest information at http://www.Real-RealEstateInvesting.com

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