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Real Estate Tips : How to Buy Foreclosed Homes

When buying foreclosed homes, first get a list of all the properties available. Learn how to buy a foreclosed home using the real estate tips in this free video. Expert: Richard Blake Bio: Richard Blake is a licensed real estate agent that has closed more than 20 times the number of transactions per year than that of the average realtor for the last three years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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25 Responses to “Real Estate Tips : How to Buy Foreclosed Homes”

  • TheGamerglitcher:

    Fuck Salt!

  • TheGamerglitcher:

    Fuck Salt!

  • ElaineCaliModel:

    In my area almost all homes for sale are short sales, and banks aren’t in a hurry to agree on a short sale when they are either able to continue collecting payments from the owner or wait for him/her to default so that they can sell the property at a higher price.

    Does a large number of short sales in the area indicate that foreclosures are next in line?

  • flagship21:

    so it is that simple just go to your bank and ask for forclosed homes???

  • dentonbrowne:

    @eernest004 sorry it took so long for me to get to u, damn tell u the truth i fogot the other 2 but redfin.com is the best site, its free u dont have to log on to view homes or nothing and its real easy to use, i just bought my last home off here, check with ur local real estate agent too, if they ask for money for u to see foreclosed homes RUN and report them to the bbb.com, also look in the paper and check the court, sorry dude i forgot the other sites

  • resfalgio:

    Capitalist dogs..!!! Yeahhhhh…..

  • eernest004:

    what are the three good sites??


    i receive more help and advice from comments posted on these kinds of video- hahaha

  • speedwayman100:

    no its still 8000.00 the 6500dollars is for people who have owned their home for i think 5 years? dont quote me on the years but i think thats correct

  • Andos99:

    Thank you captain obvious.

  • gebregio:

    Hey I’m in Chicago. Can you send me the reliable information on free listings -for foreclosures- websites?

  • gebregio:

    I should say If Nacca is in your city/area.

  • gebregio:

    Actually, you don’t have to rush for th 8K incentive. Obama is allowing it again next year, but this time for $6,500 which is still nice for first time homebuyers… Also look up a program called NACCA. They help first time homebuyers a lot.

  • dentonbrowne:

    where do u live? on certain ones service a certain area.

  • Trapmaster404:

    wat 3 sites

  • smithlee07:

    i agree alkeeholick…that video was for people without common sense !!!

  • dentonbrowne:

    i found tons of homes in provo, provo looks very classy and beautiful, whats ur price range? i found tons of foreclosed homes, most realtors wont show u foreclosures because its less money in their pocket, so tell me ur price range what type of home and even what year cause i see tons of homes

  • huntsmac:

    Yes I have a realtor and a few houses I am looking at in Provo Utah but none of them are foreclosed houses and I know you can get good deals by looking at foreclosed houses so i was just curious!

  • dentonbrowne:

    oh ur a first time home buyer? if u ask ur lender or realtor agent u can find some first time home buyer programs, also u need to hurry so u can get that $8,000 tax credit, ur contract needs to be finished before Dec, where do u live? some of the sites are for certain states so just send me a personal message, i know alot about foreclosures so ask me anything also i dont charge for free sites lol just want to help, i just bought my house and im very satisfied

  • huntsmac:

    I am interested in those sites! I don’t mind paying for them but the sites I’ve found are not very good and not user friendly in my opinion. I’m a first time home buyer so I need all the help I can get! Thanks!

  • dentonbrowne:

    dont pay for foreclosure listings, send me a message and i will give u 3 good sites that helped me find my home

  • 4realestateleads:

    good info!

  • Artorioux:

    if i were looking for a ‘DEAL’ why on this green earth would i pay a real estate ‘broker’…havent you people learned anything about ‘broking’ over the last 8 years…well dont learn to listen youll learn too feel.

    anyways…alot banks used not to deal direct with home buyers…thats not so true anymore…2nd y pay someone else to do easy at home work…heres a word 4yins ‘prothonotary’ ps i wish u wld crrct me on spllng=joke on u.

    fla=beggin 4 wrk

  • alkeeholick:

    that was the most useless video I have ever seen

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