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5 Secrets of Professional House Flippers

You’ve probably seen the shows on TV about people who buy dilapidated houses and then resell them for a huge profit after fixing them up. If so, you may have even thought about doing the same thing. After all, these “house flippers” usually hire contractors to fix the house up and then they bask in the rewards of its increased value. The good news is that you, too, can become a house flipper if you know the secrets of these professionals. Here are some things that they know about flipping a house that you may not know.
Discount Stores are Ideal

Most professional house flippers do not go to the expensive stores when looking for products to improve the home they are flipping. Instead, they use discount stores like Big Lots and others to find the same exact merchandise at half the price. Some of them may even find great bargains on quality merchandise at thrift stores. This is at least a starting point before going to the name brand stores for the same materials.
Staging Is Essential

Flipping a house is much more difficult if you don’t know how to stage it just right. Staging a house for showing is almost like an art, but anybody can do it with some creativity and practice. Simply make sure every room of the house is in tip-top condition and looks great for living in. This doesn’t necessarily mean putting furniture throughout the house, but make sure to provide some minor decorations to make the potential buyer fall in love with it.
Forget about the Ordinary

One secret to flipping houses professionally is to be creative when renovating it. In today’s market, home buyers have a wide range of options. The key to making them remember your home is to make it stand out and be memorable. You can’t do this with off-white paint and ordinary floors. Make it exciting by adding splashes of color and other attention-grabbing details that will bring buyers back after looking at all the rest.
Don’t Get Emotional
If you decide to be a professional house flipper, you’ll need to separate any feelings you have about each house and think of them as business assets. When you “fall in love” with a house, you’re more likely to overprice it because you don’t want to part with it as easy. This can cause the house to stay on the market longer and cost you money.
Budget! Budget! Budget!

Know exactly how much you can spend and keep track of it at all times. Plan ahead so you don’t go over budget. Write everything down and stick to your budget to keep the cost of the renovated property reasonable and attractive to potential buyers.
If you’re a savvy business person, you can make a pretty penny in the house flipping business. It takes a lot of work and upfront capital, but it can be a rewarding way to make a living if you get good at it. Follow the tips above and think things through and you should be a great flipper after flipping just a couple homes.

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