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7 Week year old leash walking help and tips?

I just got my first Pitbull (DO NOT JUDGE MY DECISION OF THE BREED) Rednose to be exact. She is 7 weeks and she already does her bussiness on the puppy pads and when i take her out she goes. I want to get her trained early due to getting a new house soon. One thing i want is to train her to walk on a leash. She does go on and off but usually wines and crys when i take her out on it. She also flips around and spins around. I dont want to strangle her to walk so what are some things i should do and tips please. My dad said i just need to be consistent and try try try everyday with her. Thanks
She is old enough to be away from her mother and thanks i know im not taking her on mile runs lol i live on ten acres and just walk her around my single wide trailer. (lol small i know)

6 Responses to “7 Week year old leash walking help and tips?”

  • Christa R:

    At seven weeks old, she should be with her mother, not you.

  • Ela D:

    I think its too early for her to go on walks. . . get a harness. wait another month and walk short distances. practice in the back yard or around the block.

  • ART1ST:

    Response to Christa R: the puppies can be separated from their mothers at seven weeks, we got my puppy at 7 and a half, and she is doing wonderful.

    As per leash training: right now my puppy (she’s a golden retriever) is about 10 weeks old, and still doesn’t walk too well on a leash (i. e. likes to a- pull ahead; b-lag behind; c- sit and refuse to move). Start by tethering her to her leash, and tying it to a belt loop or around your wrist, and do everything you normally do. This shows her that is nothing important. Then gradually take her for short little walks (up and down the block), offering incentives like kibble or treats. She will learn that walking on a leash produces rewards. Also, start working on sit, because it is a great tool to leash training. Its just a gradual thing she will have to get used to. Have fun and enjoy your puppy!

  • abbeyelizabeth07:

    Actually the correct time for a puppy to be taken away from it’s litter is 10 weeks. It does wonders for socialization, but the earliest should be 8.

    (My managers beagle was taken away at 5 weeks and now has extreme seperation anxiety. It’s kind of sad to watch)

    She probably doesn’t understand walking on a leash. And probably just getting used to a collar and being pulled when she goes to far. But when she does get older I would suggest everytime she pulls you stop and wait until the leash is loose. Then you keep going and if she pulls again, stop. Keep repeating until she gets the idea. Also praise her everytime the leash is loose. You can even use treats, if she’s food motivated.
    As long as your training her right and have her spayed and well socialized, props for getting a Pitbull. One of the nicest dogs I know is a pitbull and I loooove him! At times he’s almost too friendly (gives way too many kisses)

  • K:

    She’s actually not old enough to be away from her mother, but what’s done is done.

    Practice with the leash inside the house. Put it on her and let her drag it around (supervised of course). Your dad is COMPLETELY right. Consistency is the key to training.

  • teen*360:

    This video is PERFECT for you!! trust me!! check it out: http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=rRt4gw_yis4&feature=related
    (its from professionals)
    good luck

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