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Calling anyone with a mixed breed dog. What do you think?

I have a mixture of 5 months of Malta poodle named Twinkie. He is black and white. Twinkie is so funny! It is friendly, playful, mischievous, intelligent and kind with a penchant for flip-flops and calcetines.Anoche I was folding clothes and socks when Twinkie slipped behind me, take the socks with his paw, and gets away with his clothes in the mouth . The other day I found a hidden stash of socks under my bed. She also loves to hang out in the kitchen when cooking. Hide trash cans. He loves to put on them and grab what they can, especially Q tips and Kleenex. He is soooooo lindo.entrenamiento of the house is going well. We are using the puppy pads. Continued them 75% of the time. Any advice on this? Also, he is too young to take to the hairdressers? He is very soft and fluffy, and I do not want it to be uncomfortable with the heat as it is summer. I love to hear your Maltepoos. Are they like Twinkie? Twinkie is a rescue. Somebody on this forum said I was stupid b / c it is a maltepoo. I do not understand. Help! Thank you for your message. I do not understand. . . . . Some people are so offended and upset by the name Maltepoo. Some even get very angry. I think it’s unfair to dismiss Maltese / poodle mix or any combination. The only person who said I was stupid, a dog named Twinkie. I do not think name-calling and insults are necessary. My puppy is a Maltese / poodle. I’m glad I can give you a home filled with amor.Gracias for your advice and support. I think there are worse things than sharing a story about my dog happy and gives me happiness.

9 Responses to “Calling anyone with a mixed breed dog. What do you think?”

  • Alyssa:

    1. He’s pretty old for the hairdressers, so go ahead and take it to your first visit. You must take it every 6-8 weeks after eso.2. People have nothing against dogs of mixed race. The problem is that there are growing numbers of persons who intentionally mixed breed dogs and sell them for thousands of dollars. This is false, because as you know, there are plenty of adorable mixed breeds in rescues that need homes, so people should not aggravate the problem with raising more. They are people who breed and buy the mixes with the people in this malaise, it’s wonderful that you chose to rescue a dog in your lugar.3. Housetraining for their age should mean going out 75% or more “puppy pads are not a permanent solution. Make sure you go outside every hour or two for a break to go to baño.4. Another tip on the preparation, if it is white, which most Maltese / Poodles are, do not let the abuser was cut short hair dogs get sunburn too! If a darker color is good, but the white dogs burn easily, so a bit of lint in your body to protegerlo.Buena luck with your baby!

  • nekkiddoglady:

    I do not currently have a mixed race. I have Chinese Cresteds. They like to hang out in the kitchen when I cook too LOL. . The kitchen floor has never been cleaner! I do not know what to say in the newspapers. . I do not use them. I think they are too confusing and better train your dog to go fuera.No is too young to take to the abuser. In fact, his good start at an early age so they are used to it. If it is easy to prepare, the abuser usually charge less than a dog fight, and tries to call morder.Puedes maltepoo a mixture or if you wish. You are not “stupid.” . which is technically a mixed race! “Maltepoo” is just a cutesy name people use to make it sound like a race. Im glad that rescued and not buy from a breeder! Stupid people are paying hundreds for designer mixes!

  • kitten_princess:

    I have a cavalier spaniel poodle cross, and has the same characteristics as yours naughty! I think it’s because they inherit the most mischievous tricks parents cheekiest !!!!!!!!!! After a while, you learn to use the pills, and I took my cavapoo in hairdressing (because he has something very sticky on your skin!) When she was 9 weeks old so they can go to any edad.Se called a maltepoo cause is a Maltese (Malta) and a poodle (poop) of mix to one type of them juntosbuena luck: O)

  • Lizmary:

    Every time your puppy seems to be sniffing around or is about to go to the bathroom, make a loud noise when he SURPRISE (not scare) so it stops, and then pick it up and put it again and again until the puppy pads usa.Cada finally the time you use your puppy pads, praise him! Tell him it’s a good boy, act excited, and give a golosina.También can buy a spray that can be put on puppy pads puppy attracts ellos.También aid can try to crate train him or, better yet, not allow free roam throughout your home. He is a puppy and has no room for spinning without 100% supervisión.Él should not be anywhere near other dogs until he has had all of his shots (including Kennel Cough) and is protected against heartworm. So, if not fully protected even a visit to the groomer is a bad idea at this time.

  • faith.trust*`:

    To answer your question house training: Are you finally going to have to go outside or you let go on puppy pads? I guess I will have to go outside when he is older, so I suggest you start training to go out now. In my opinion, a dog training discs trying to train puppy to go outside when it confuses the dog is older and more difficult. I do not think is too young to go to a barber, as long as he has had all his shots. The reason that the person told him he was stupid it’s probably because they use the term “Maltepoo” is actually a Maltese poodle mix. When people use the names of designer dog, makes people think they are a consequence of irresponsible backyard breeders who just want to make a quick buck out of a mixed race for slapping a cool name on it. Nobody is against mixed breeds, but are only against deliberate breeding. I hope I have helped.

  • KM:

    The use of positive reinforcement when captured using the puppy pads. If you yell or scold him for using unsuitable areas of the house to go to the bathroom in it, will soon learn that only dangerous to pee / poop on the carpet when you’re around and it is perfectly safe to do when you’re in the next room. Praising him when he does well is much more effective than yelling at him when he does mal.Los Puppies are never too young to go to the groomers! (Assuming that the puppy is so young that his mother is still with him, of course.) Even if you do not need any preparation (although I am sure there would be more warming in summer), your groomer will appreciate a dog that is comfortable on-site full of anxiety groomers or aggression. Getting your puppy used to the groomers now can help prevent behavioral problems later. But that only works if he decides to go to the hairdressers is not so bad – to ensure that it is a pleasant experience, send along some dog treats that the abuser may give the process (talk to her beforehand to make sure it is well). The caller probably stupid of course bought it from a breeder. Personally, I think is really stupid to buy a mutt from a breeder when there are hundreds of them went to sleep in shelters every day simply because not enough homes. However, your dog is a rescue from what I’ve done a wonderful thing, giving it a loving home!

  • pinkfzzymonkey77:

    I have a Shih Poo. It is a shih tzu poodle mix. He always steals my socks on the floor above, but know your limits beyond. He stealthily thither and seize any sock that looks and go down the stairs before anyone realized he was up there. My scruffi dog (my son called it) is like 5 different colors. He’s like the black, three different browns and white. I think it is great that adopted instead of making a puppy mill richer. My Shih Poo never used training pads, and i dont remember what I did to potty train him, so I’m no help in this matter. Scruffi is very, very soft and spongy, but his hair is more than skin. I never think of him shaving. I like how he is. You do not really need to shave wouldnt that unless I have a very thick under coat. And not always hear people saying that mixed breeds are stupid! He / she is jealous because you have one and do not get it! :) If you want the best information, better than mine or anyone elses answers this question, I would call your veterinario.Diviértase with maltepoo!

  • alwyzsunny:

    I have a 6 year old chihauha (sp?) And still drag items of clothing to bed with him. Sometimes I come home and find my half JEANS laying in bed form. It is so small it is hard to imagine what was dragging a heavy pair of jeans in the house, but he did. . . As for potty training! Curly yet “potty” in the house. their Everyother small dog I’ve talked to has said it is something little to make the dogs. I suggest making sure you are putting the yolks in one place in the house does not care about going in for the rest of his life. Ripple is always in the same two points at home. (In front of the toilet and next to the litter box for cats.) I tried it to use the smaller cat, but that never worked very well. We have also done the cage at night, but he began to urinate on the front door on the ground before him. . . stinky little. . ! It can be frustrating at times. . . . . . . . . He is so cute but damn! Next item on the situation facing the calor.Mi Hair sister-in-law is the expert on that. She races yorkshiresy pomeranians (sp?) * Are called “yorkiepoms” haircut * She brushes them almost daily and use scissors to shave diffuse matter in the end. Trust me have to learn to do it yourself or you spend a fortune on preparación.Realmente hope this helps you feel better about your decision to save “Twinkie.” Who cares if it is a maltepoo.. You could not have a best friend in your life that a small ripple perro.No change the world….!

  • marianne:

    people are ignorant. I had a Shepherd mix dog named Charlie and he died on Valentine’s Day. in my opinion “mongrels” make the best kind of dog it is. are loving and devoted animals. I enjoyed your story reminded me of my dog keep writing about Twinkie!

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