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is flipping houses as a career choice a good idea? any tips for flipping will help?

is flipping houses as a career option is a good idea? some tips to help flip

5 Responses to “is flipping houses as a career choice a good idea? any tips for flipping will help?”

  • 1959:

    i hope u have lots of money

  • bambi:

    not now, because it’s a buyers market and interest rates are rising rapidly. You could lose everything you put into a house.

  • escapegrl1:

    Like investment, the housing market may have ups and downs. I believe that launching more like a job “part 2″ because they can not depend on a profit when the market is bad, it is now. A few years ago could make a profit 50-100%, but now probably lose $ $ on your site. House just are not selling. You will have to take much longer than in a boom MKT. (ie, paying the MTG., prop. taxes, etc.) Only the best of the best way to do it full time becaues they are willing to take extreme risks in any market.

  • jade_143:

    I agree, it’s a buyer’s market right now. Most people who sell homes as a race can and should have experience in real estate first time in my opinion. It’s also good to have friends and partners in the home improvement business (ie, carpets, woodwork, carpentry, etc.) and find good quality work at high speed. You should watch Flip This House.Éstos are some tips from the Flip This House website for people who sell homes vivir.http: / / www. aetv. com/flipthishouse/flip2_fliptips. jsp

  • Jessica B:

    Before you start anything. . . Do your research! 1. Go to Amazon (or any other place you can buy the books) and buy at least two different books on flipping houses and read at two to finish. Then you will know more about what you’re actually getting yourself para.2. Join a local group of real estate investment in focusus / casas.3 turn. See any and all remodeling, home staging and repair programs on television, (including the top of the house, turn this house and property ladder) 4. Go find fixers. Call the agency and request a sample. Make notes on a notepad and do what you do. Bring a camera, even, and take photos. Then go to another “Flipper” buy the property. When the house goes back on the market, fetching again. Did that person make the repairs yourself you would? Take more pictures. Comparison. Know your market! Before you start a company like this. . . . make sure this is what he wants and can do. You have to know your market, where your money is coming, have a good agent and be prepared for a hell of a ride! I personally would suggest a minimum of 3 months to study and get all their ducks in a row before try any cosa.Pero in the end. . . all worth it! (if done correctly)

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