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Real Estate Investing: Tips for Locating Profitable Properties

With current economic conditions, real estate investment is a precarious undertaking. Among the clouds unemployment, exclusion and bankruptcies, few people can afford to run the risk of investing in real estate.

Previously, investment real estate was considered one of the safest investment practices and profitable. Today, there is a giant question mark over real estate and financial investment opportunities. To profit, investors must thoroughly understand the market conditions and become expert with financing options.

As home prices continue to decline, there are many opportunities for profit. The best way to discover hidden gems is taking the time to do research and attend seminars on property investment.

educational seminars are offered in most cities and towns across the country. The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities for learning, where classes can be attended in the comfort of your home through webcasts or via the purchase of seminars presented on DVD, CD or audio files.

Investing seminars can help participants determine what type of property is best suited to their financial and management capacity. investment properties ranging from houses to commercial efforts, such as shops or office buildings.

Most property investors engage in joint ventures for the purchase of commercial real estate. Newbie investors would do everything possible to participate in small joint venture projects until they are sufficiently experienced. Investing in commercial real estate is a completely different ball game and a wide range of legal procedures not typically associated with residential properties.

A popular technique is to purchase investment real estate to house flipping. House Flipping involves buying distressed properties below market value, to rehabilitate the house and quickly sell for profit.

may include distressed properties in foreclosure or bank owned homes, real estate short sale, and property inheritance. Rehabbing distressed real estate often creates numerous unexpected expenses. It is indispensable to carry out due diligence and obtain a professional inspection of the property before submitting a bid.

Short sales are fast becoming a popular investment option. Mortgage lenders engage in short sale transactions when borrowers face foreclosure and owe more than the appraised value of your property. Banks will accept less than what you owe on the loan if the borrower is able to sell the property quickly.

short sale properties are sold through department of loss mitigation home mortgage lender. Purchase of real property in the short can be complicated and time consuming. It is better to work with a realtor or investor with experience in the short sale process.

Wholesale real estate is one of the easiest and most profitable to invest in real estate. Investors purchase properties at wholesale prices and sell in “as is”. Investors participating in the wholesale business of buying bank portfolios usually consist of several properties. Often, these properties can be purchased for just sixty cents on the dollar.

Real property investment offers a wealth of opportunities for profit. However, investors must develop a solid plan that includes goals for the short and long term. Investors can improve their chances of success in networking with real estate professionals including attorneys, lenders, brokers, realtors and other investors.

Simon Volkov has successfully engaged in real estate investing for several years. He specializes in buying and selling distressed properties and wholesale real estate. Investors can obtain current real estate investment opportunities by subscribing to Simon’s RSS feed at www.SimonVolkov.com.

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