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what is the BEST magazine?

Im 20 and would like similar advice. . decorating tips, DIY and landscaping. . . I want to start flipping houses, but I want to start at home with my parents. . . well. . . best magazine or a book to help me do this? thanks for the responses.

7 Responses to “what is the BEST magazine?”

  • SMURF:

    Chad Reed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIRTRIDER All The Way [# 22]

  • Bolan:

    Try, must be clearly the perfect place to ustedhttp: / / www. progardenbiz. com /

  • rhicks1121:

    better housing

  • busybody12:

    Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset, House Beautiful, etc.

  • Dreamcatcher:

    You’ll find a lot of things in BHG. com.

  • tensnut90_99:

    Better Homes and Gardens. Go to their website at BHG. com they have plans of buildings and gardens.

  • Timmy + Info = What You Need:

    Hello, Based in Australia they would recommend the magazine House & Garden, Burkes Backyard and Better Homes and Gardens, the magazines are very good and usually come with free stuff (ie: the magazine Better Homes and Gardens can come templates for designing your own cusions) my mom has tons of thoes magazines but I like looking at houses impresionante.Si you live in America so I can not help you and why a question on Yahoo Answers Australia.Yo expected this will ayudó.Saludos, M Timoteo (12 years old, W. A)

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