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You Have to Sell a House to Get it Sold

The market is slowing and investors are drowning in house payments. Is there an end in sight? Probably not. But is there something you can do about it? Certainly, dropping the price until you get it sold it one way to do it. I have a better solution – sell the house. What amazes me is that most vendors do not sell their homes. Announce homes, houses listed, but not sold homes. In a good market can rest on our laurels, but in a soft market you have to be willing to do something different. Stop whining about the slow market and start to sell their homes! There are 5 tips for selling a house fast in a slow market: 1. Make your Listing Look Great! Most MLS listings are boring, informative and not sell the house. That’s because most people who leave in the hands of a real estate broker to create the ad, you are communicating with other brokers. Instead, take charge of your ad. Make sure the pictures are great, not average. Photoshop photos so there are excellent photos of the facade, the kitchen and the most attractive features of the house. If there is a gray sky, wait until you have a blue sky. If there is a dead lawn in the picture, take the paint brush in Photoshop and make GREEN. When a buyer’s agent is the analysis of the MLS with their clients, you have two seconds to capture their attention and start a show – make a good first impression! 2. Use lots of directional signs A sign in front of your house is good if you are on a main road, otherwise you have to get traffic to your home. Use dozens of directional signals from the nearest road to its main feature. At weekends, the bunches of balloons to tie the main sign in the road. 3. Use a plus sign in front Professionals No, I repeat DO NOT use the cheap sign found in the Home Depot, including the information required tube to roll his wheel. Invest in a sign of solid metal frame that has an attached flyer holder that makes it easy for people to take your brochure. If the house is empty, have an arrow with the words “More info” pointing to the house, and put your flyer box on the porch of the house. This will get people looking at the house, which is what you want. 4. Get a Great Flyer It amazes me how boring and technical most home brochures are ready. The lazy real estate broker usually print the brochure in black and white in the MLS listing computer. Instead, use a color brochure with excellent high-resolution photographs of the interior. If you’re not a fan of digital camera, go on craigslist. org and hire a high school kid to shoot and edit some photos. Sell the features of the house, not the facts. 5. Sell House People Most sellers show houses, and say, in effect, “Ya’ll come back now.” Let me ask you a question. . . is this what the car dealers? Of course not! The golden rule of a car salesman is never let a customer off the lot. Why selling houses to be different? If you get the correct information of the buyer to understand that he is in the decision-making mode, push him to make a decision. Do you remember entering a car dealer thinking to yourself, “I’m just looking, I have not made a decision yet,” And then, for some inexplicable reason, you went with a new car, why? Because seller sold it to you, he not only let you try. Not all buyers are willing to take a decision, but if he has been looking at some houses for a few weeks, which could be ready to take a decision, though he says otherwise. Be prepared with a contract and try to get the buyer to leave a deposit check, even if it is refundable. Obtain commitment as much as possible, instead of showing the property, we sell it! anchor text / Hyper links at the bottom of the page: Click here for more information on Home Sale Written exclusively for Legalwiz. com by Attorney William Bronchick, registration certificates nationally known attorney, author, entrepreneur and president.

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