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Thank You for Visiting HouseFlipper1972.com I hope you find this sites resources helpful and useful during you next flip. We are growing and will be providing much more useful house flipping information as we do.

House Flipping Community and Resourses

Here at HouseFlipper1972.com I have and continue to gather resources for flipping foreclosures and distressed homes. I try to find the best information to help other investors reach their goals and find wealth in real estate. Although finding wealth is not always true when investing in real estate. I have also lost a lot of money on some bad deals. It can get expensive learning what and what not to do while flipping houses. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and others.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make serious cash being a house flipper. Even in this market there are a lot of good deals. The trick is to buy low and sell low. I’m also a contractor and I got my start renovating homes for investors who where flipping homes in my area. I still do contracted work for investors and other home owners. My best customers are the same investors I both Bird Dog for and wholesale to. One of my best customers and good friend is Charles. He is an owner of a well known franchise that Buys Ugly Houses. I’m sure you know what franchise I’m talking about. Anyway, He is buying and selling homes hand over fist. I hear so much about how the economy is suffering and you can’t sell a home if your life counted on it. Well I’m hear to tell you this is not further from the truth.

The economy is relying on investors to work the deals and get rid of the mass inventory of homes for sale. It will be these same investors who are on top when the market gets its stride upward. If your not out there beating the streets you will never find a deal. The most important thing to remember is not to get attached to a property or get to excited just to make a deal. Is better to wait for a sure win than to chance a flop. If you can buy low enough you can still sell low enough. That is the goal for flipping houses.

Below I have 5 very important ( Basic ) things to remember before you buy you next home and want to become a house flipper and not a house flopper. It’s all about the end result.

Most Important House Flipping Tips

When you have completed renovations and want to put it on the market.

1) Will the home be affordable for your end buyer? (You have to consider what your new home owner will be able to spend per month) Will the home be out of the price range for the typical house within the neighborhood.

2) Will the home be located near places of employment (Shopping malls, Military bases, etc.) People don’t want to drive long distances to work.

3) Is the home large enough for the average family. (Consider the size of the average family and their space needs.) A home between 1100 sqft and 1600 sqft with three bedrooms and two bathrooms is the safest bet.

4) Is the home low maintenance and energy efficient. (A new home owner isn’t going to want a home that’s going to cost a lot of money to maintain every month.) To much yard and shrubbery is to much maintenance and single pane windows will run up the electric bill.

5) Is the home in a decent neighborhood. You don’t want to try to flip a house that has a potential meth-lab across the street. Try to stay in average looking neighborhoods.

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