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$10000.00 Profit!! Foreclosure House Flip Step-by-Step Instruction Video

Mark Whitten’s Elite Coaching Student makes 000.00 in 2 weeks without using CASH or CREDIT by “Flipping” Bank Owned Foreclosure! He tells exactly how he did it and shows Check! www.flipouseslikeyourhairsonfire.com
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22 Responses to “$10000.00 Profit!! Foreclosure House Flip Step-by-Step Instruction Video”

  • markbuyshouses:

    @Brwnwndr-Hello, shoot me an email markflipshouses@gmail.com

  • markbuyshouses:

    @jsslizzie-Yes, it works all over..thnaks for your support and kind words! :-)

  • MBJB07:

    Another great video Mark! Thank You!!!

  • jshslizzle:

    Great motivational video Mark. Hey I have a question and that is will your program work in TEXAS? The reason i ask is because the books i see say washington dc,maryland and other specific places up north. Thanks for doing what you do for the people and being genuine.

  • nmr20067:

    Hey Mark,  If we live in the DMV, how can we inquiry about your coaching?

  • BrwnWndr:

    Mark!! How do I become one of you’re students in you’re mentoring program. I’ve been trying to get hooked up with you for quite some time but I’ve had no success. I haven’t given up though. Please let me know what I need to do to start flipping houses with the equity depot team!! I’m looking forward to being you’re next success story!! Thanks.

  • realdealrealestate1:

    Great video Mark and Mike. Mark,your final message really hit home . Keep doing what your doing!

  • vjwealthbldg:

    Great job mike,

  • MohrEquity:

    I’m not a student (yet) of Marks. But I can tell you from watching him & watching how he works with people, he is one of the “real deals” out there.

    Good work on this one Mike & Mark.

    Jay von Mohr
    Mohr Equity

  • bigideakeith:

    Hi mark!

    What is the site you guys spoke of regarding cash for a day. I was not able to
     locate it. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • lamarodom:

    Mark, Any chance we’ll see you on the west coast?

  • esantiago340:

    great job thats how you wholesale an flip those homes keep it up Mark.

  • CarterInvGroup:

    That’s sweet right there,Mark you got to come down to the MIA sir.lets do it!

  • Setepenra100:

    Congratulations, this is a great video!

  • tuumz:

    QUESTION: So did you assign / sell ur rights in the LLC To your end buyer at closing or was it a double close? Also, what were the closing costs and how were they split between the parties? Thanks

  • tuumz:

    Mark Whitten hasan attribute of genuineness i.e. he’s walking the walk,unlike most who just try sell you something.I pray God’s blessings on Mark that he’ll continue deeply impacting people with this financial knowledge.These are the type of pple who should get their own tv shows as opposed to ppl like suze orman-nothing wrong with her but all she does is tell u how to save money and cut costs,which my cat can do, but no one shows u how to really MAKE the mula …keep it up Mark!

  • eziatram:

    hey mark do you have any students in north carolina i cant wait to buy your coarse thank havens for you …god bless

  • Houseguyinthechi811:

    Mark, continue to be a blessing to the masses. You will be blessed for not charging a bunch of money for your gifts and talents that God has blessed you with. Especially if you are tithing. Your ” barns will be filled with grain”

  • markbuyshouses:

    @Jmdmillionaire-Thanks Bro, Thats what keeps me going!! Love yo too Bro!!

  • markbuyshouses:

    @JRatliff-I appreciate that bro, it means a lot to me!!

  • JRatliff126:

    100% thorough. Mark is doing what most ppl say they want to do but never really do. More than just the money, Mark is changing lives by bringing the game to the ppl that need it most. I salute the brother. See you in Detroit.

  • jmdmillionaire:

    Cant wait to meet you in detroit,love you brother,i love the things you doing

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