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Any one experienced in flipping house for sale or rent business?

Anyone know the better way to start a real estate “flip” business? I want to try starting with something really small – I know there is some luck in today’s economy, but maybe even the car “flipped” property?

4 Responses to “Any one experienced in flipping house for sale or rent business?”

  • Steve:

    by derechovender highest in terms Dego read a book or attend a meeting. Most real estate investment groups allowed to attend at least one meeting so gratuitaNacional REIA www. nationalreia. COM

  • loanmasterone:

    There are several things you need to know when investing in real estate or foreclosures of purchase, probate and other distressed properties to move from one tirón.En must first go to the nearest book store, buying several books on buying, fixing and foreclosure flipping, short sales and other distressed properties and real estate investment. There are several that you might intereseEl real estate business change from time to time, so I would have to attend seminars legitimate real estate that is in your area or you can go to keep up with current trends. Business as usual can easily put the ball behind ocho.Usted also want to know if your state is a state of non-judicial foreclosure or judicial. This will help to make offers, and time frames in which you have to work within when buying a property ejecutada.Una time, or while you are doing this you should buy one of the TV Guru distressed property. These programs will give you some legal forms that you can use when writing an offer to purchase a property. You will also find several scripts to use when talking to potential customers. The advice and also give a formula on how to determine if you have a property that you can make money before comprar.Si not have the funds to carry out this business, you will have to find some investors to help you. You have to make a deal with them on a certain percentage of profits from the sale of the property. You will need to advertise in your local newspaper for these people the kind of help in the purchase and move of a tirón.Otro method to use when you are without funds to help buy an investment property is to get the deal under contract its name after the offer wholesale to another investor and let them do the overhaul and repair. You can pick up anywhere between $ 5,000. 00-10000 dollars. 00. In the states of high cost of ownership can be more about wholesale properties. Usually this is 50/50 however, could be more or less depending on how their relationship with the inversor.Ahora to buy a foreclosed property depends on what stage of foreclosure is in. # 1 Pre-foreclosure, the owner is still in the house, it has been notified that you are in foreclosure. Now he has to come under way or the foreclosure will continuar.Usted can make an offer to the owner at this point, give him something in hand to buy their equity. Now you also want to see if there are any repairs that must be done on the property. If not you need to know the cost of this repair. You have to know how many months are behind in their mortgage payments and any fees that the lender has incurred in trying to collect payment of the mortgage. Now add these together to include what you had to give the owner. We must also note the amount you will have the goods, I mean the mortgage, pay insurance and taxes, while repairing the house to the venta.Ahora find the balance of the mortgage add this to the previous figure . Now you need a method to determine the present value of the property. All this information will tell you if you have an agreement or not. # 2 The other way to buy a foreclosure is when the property is for sale. At this point you should have all the cash and be able to prove that whatever is the minimum bid is in cash, cashier’s check or money order. If you have no proof that you will not be allowed to bid. # 3 One last way is after the sale. If no tender one and get the property at the foreclosure sale, you can find out what the bank owns the property, write an offer as well as a check as a deposit to not be charged until the offer has been accepted. You may also inform them on how and when to come up with the rest of the purchase price. I’ve met some lenders to accept offers in this way before the property is transferred to a real estate agent to sell. Now you have to determine how they will get sold. # 1 You can buy a list of pre- foreclosure list from a broker (Join the crowd more to do this and send letters to the person who is running) # 2 You can advertise in your local newspaper is in the business of buying foreclosure. # 3 You can direct people in your city to show that it is now in the business of foreclosure. # 4 You can do research in the County Recorder’s office yourself (time consuming and tedious, but feasible. should is sufficient to obtain at least one working day.) # 5 You can select an area of your city that want to work and this area focus their energy. You can walk through the area passing out flyers is now in the business of buying distressed properties, and foreclosures divorced and the property testamentaria.Pase out these flyers for at least 2-3 months after which there to go to a newsletter of some kind at the same time to explain th

  • sassy25:

    You need a bankroll of at least 50k. buying the worst house in the neighborhood that just needs cosmetic improvements. Do all the legal work yourself. Do not go overboard on improving casaEl sell the car is a losing proposition. You will never recover their costs and destroy the place tenants

  • dog ma:

    If you can buy a very cheap house and fix it to not much, give it a try. You need cash, since the loan fees and may make it a hopeless case, and most clips are not easy to finance. I recently bought several sets up – sold one and I rent the other. You need to know their costs to fix and sell, and a very close idea of what the place is sold, even before bidding. Not every fix-up houses are worth what sellers are asking for! Can you do all the work yourself? Do you have cash reserves in case something goes wrong REALLY? Do you have time to devote to this? Rent only if crucial work – plumbing, electricity and ceiling are the only things that I do. If the home needs structural support, go to the next house. If you want to keep it and rent, fix the basics, put on very cheap land, countertops, etc, and know you have to do it all again before they can sell it. Good luck!

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