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Flipping Houses – Easy Improvements for Big Profits  

Article by A. McGavin

In this article, I’m going to take that perfect property flip and describe the improvements that can be made to make fast money.

Exterior Improvements

On the outside, almost always, the same changes can be made. First, look at the front and take out anything that masks the view of the house; evergreen bushes and large plants in front are not necessary and close off the view of the house. There is nothing worse than hiding the beauty and charm of your flip behind a bunch of foliage. Instead, choose blooming plants with a low profile that are bright and make your property look fresh and new.

Second look at the windows and trim. No, they don’t need to be replaced. However, to make money on your flip, clean lines are a must. Make sure the trim has a good contrast with the major paint color, and looks pleasing to the eye. Also, take it one step further and put the trim around the windows – it will make your flip pop.

Finally, on the topic of trim and paint in general, is don’t forget to touch it up. It may not be immediately evident, but bubbling, splitting and chipping paint needs to be fixed up. This means it’s time for a new coat. Potential buyers will be standing in line to buy your flip if they are impressed before they even step inside. And take a look at your garage floor as well. A garage floor with a new coat of epoxy garage floor covering can really make a house look great.

Interior Improvements

The trend, and your strategy, with today’s flips is to make them contemporary and clean. This means clean lines and neutral colors. Everybody wants a home that makes them feel like a million bucks. The first step to doing this is white – white baseboards, white trim, and white doors – throughout the house. This will brighten your flip immediately and increase the likelihood of selling your flip quick.

Second, dark and unappealing rooms are a no no. In addition to the white trim and doors, pick base paint colors that reflect light. Rule number one in house flipping is the lighter (both literally and figuratively), the better.

While you’re looking at the walls, ask yourself a couple of questions. Are these colors you would look for in your home? Is the painting of a good quality? Often the answer will be no and no. Builders and home owners often don’t take the time to make sure the same colors are on the wall. Painting is probably one of the most boring things to do. It is time consuming and not really fun. But dollar for dollar, nothing will increase the value of your flip like a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, other easy improvements include tile in the bathroom instead of linoleum, and new, upgraded counter tops and appliances in the kitchen (and tile if there is no tile in the kitchen – makes a huge difference). The old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell still holds true. Wow them with a couple of contemporary pieces and some stainless steel, and buyers will be begging to purchase your flip at a premium price.

In closing, remember, keep looking for those flips that need a little touch up, not major improvements, and you’ll be flipping houses all the way to the bank.

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