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Flipping Houses Strategically

If you want to increase your odds of making money while flipping houses it’s important to approach this business as strategically as possible. This means – renovating the home with quality materials, in a manner that will be attractive to the most buyers. Below we’ve listed a few tips on how to renovate a home in a strategic manner.

Consider Flipping Houses that Need Painting

Whether a house needs internal or external painting, an ugly home which is painted in an awful, outdated color scheme is a great candidate for flipping houses if you can see past the color and recognize the quality underlying, structural elements of the home. Homes that have great moldings, floor plans, property size or proximity to local schools and shopping centers may be great for flipping, although they may not initially attract your attention because of the awful colors that abound. Keep your eyes open for these types of houses as they are jewels in the rough. Painting is not the hardest of services so this should be on the top of your list.

Consider Flipping Houses that Require New Floors or Ceilings

If you have the choice of replacing walls versus floors or ceilings, floors and ceilings would be the better choice. This gives you the best opportunity to get rid of eyesores such as poorly executed drop ceilings, popcorn ceilings and floors that have been riddled with scratches, or are composed of old fashioned patterned linoleum and/or broken ceramic tile in hot pink. By putting in new floors, even if they are not top of the line, you will get a fresh, shiny look that potential home buyers will notice immediately when they walk into a room. Floors and ceilings are not that hard to remove and install either, not like walls where you usually have to deal with windows, electrical outlets, and potentially tons of molding, depending on the top of house it is.

Consider Flipping Houses that Could Use a Modern Kitchen or Bathroom

To make the biggest impact when flipping houses, it’s best to find a house that requires an updated, modern kitchen and/or bathroom. If you are handy enough, you can reface a kitchen or bathroom with paint, new counter tops and fixtures without much effort at all. If you want to make an even grander impression, you could remove the cabinetry and install all new ones along with new flooring to add the finishing touches. Kitchens and bathrooms are the grand-daddy of flipping options. If you flip a house, you should always be doing something in the kitchen even if you only repaint because this is the center of the home for most families, and making a big impression here will help close your sale. Never take anything in house flipping for granted. Be sure you are always looking for the easiest improvements first before tackling a home that has potential water, mold or structural problems, especially if you are new to flipping. This could save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.

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