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Flipping Houses Tip from Real Estate Investor Terry Kerr

From REItips.com – jp moses interviews local investor Terry Kerr about the business systems he’s got in place that helped him do over 40 successful real estate investing transactions last year. Live from Gus’ Fried Chicken in Memphis
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25 Responses to “Flipping Houses Tip from Real Estate Investor Terry Kerr”

  • TheREIMaverick:

    I just had to comment, great job on what you are doing! I like your video! to your success!

  • buyhousesinkc:

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  • DanTheRealEstateGuy:

    Nice Example of Repeat Buyer Business. I have investors that have purchased 4 and 5 properties from me as well. Systems are very important to this type business to do Volume. DanTheRealEstateGuy

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  • Ibuysellinvest:

    Great Video I agree with you on this !!

  • RLJ93727:

    Excellent real estate video

  • 7129098:

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  • scoob0792:

    Update to Terry Kerr and Ray Porter property: Entire roof had to be stripped down to wood and replaced ($30K), entire building facade peeling off ($5K), discovered no insulation in walls between condos (who knows how much $), Terry Kerr claims he is bankrupt, no doing the same garbage under new name of Mid South Homebuyers. Beware!

  • scoob0792:

    Be careful buying anything from Terry Kerr. The homes he sells are of the worst possible quality and you’ll find yourself redoing extremely poor workmanship.

  • MillionaireCoaching:

    Fried Chicken and Real Estate, an awesome combination.

    Good video tips, way to go guys!

  • PropertyLeadsNow:

    If you can grab them at a deep enough discount, rehabbing and THEN wholesaling is a great niche! We try to leave plenty of room in our contract assignments.

  • DancingSpiderman:

    Thanks for putting this info here. I got my free E-book.
    Just scanning it, looks like very key, useful stuff.

  • 4realestateleads:

    This is awesome! I love how you talk about finding a niche and going with it, I completely agree! You can’t try and tackle the whole real estate world, find what you are good at and become the best, just like you said. You guys are great!

  • y2knoproblem:

    From North Dakota to Oklahoma. Parts of Texas still have rising home values, although, I suspect it will slow down soon. I know the rental market is booming in Iowa and Nebraska. Of course, in any market there is opportunity.

  • LeftLiberalSoCal:

    The mid west is pretty large. Which areas in particular are you talking about?

  • y2knoproblem:

    The market is much different in the mid-west. Here there was not a housing bubble nor a bubble burst. Just normal appreciation and slow downs.

  • FinanciallySound:

    Yes, it’s that FREE e-book Marc Hrisko of Marc Hrisko International is giving away right now on his website (at least he was this morning when I downloaded it). It was $47 but he said he’d give it away for FREE for a few days. You might want to go grab your copy if its still on his website. It’s seriously the best FREE millionaire advice I’ve read in years. Anyway, I hope this helps you.

  • propertybuyer:

    Sounds like Terry has got it figured out.

    You can make money in any market as long as there are people who need to sell, and there are people who want to buy. Everyone needs a place to live, so providing housing fulfills a basic essential need.

    If you buy and sell within a relatively short time span, the market values do not change very much so you simply adjust your gameplan to the current conditions and keep doing what works for you.

    And never stop your buying machine!

  • DrewDownsManagement:

    Nice video. I enjoyed it. I definitely got something out of it.
    Check out my latest video, I would really like your honest opinion about it.

  • wheresthebottom:

    This guy is great.

  • mercuryfunding:

    You are a complete idiot, skeptic. I just met Terry at a dinner after a MIG meeting. I am currently buying 5 houses every month doing the same thing. He took the time to explain his program then turned the table and picked my brain. Never to proud to keep learning. Maybe you should go learn and actually find your path before discounting others. Go McCain/Palin!!!

  • FlippingHomes:


    Well you’ve clearly already made up your mind that this thing doesn’t work anymore. I don’t see a need to try and convince you otherwise. I can only say that Terry and I are men of integrity, and we’re not making stuff up. Have no reason to.

    But thanks for watching our video anyway, and for taking the time to share your feelings.

    My best,


  • LeftLiberalSoCal:

    There is an old saying here in Los Angeles: “image is everything”. That is until people see whats behind the image. In other words, people can pretend to be anything they want. Especially at a business lunch. It makes NO SENSE! Banks want 20% – 25% down CASH + perfect credit and you CANNOT BORROW THE 25% anymore (it shows up)! Americans are BROKE beyond belief! They dont have 25% down! Where are the buyers? The prices are STILL FALLING. Now is a good time to jump on the Real Estate bandwagon??

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