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How To Flip Houses- A Look Into My Life

How To Flip Houses- A Look Into My Life And My Home Office
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26 Responses to “How To Flip Houses- A Look Into My Life”

  • jussincred:

    Yall are cool dudes. I like yall. When are you guys gonna poat some new vids?

  • kinyadaf:

    You should post this video on The Frugal Real Estate Investor Social Network **frugalreinvestor dot meet, greet, and make deals!

  • mxpolo9:

    how does one flip more than two or three houses a year and avoid paying a high capital gains tax? Of all the things that house flipping videos show, they never mention how any of this is claimed on taxes….can you help me?

  • 60fft:

    wtf are u talkin about
    ur book is too bullshit
    were the fuck are u buying kid?

  • batttman:

    @ryandehler lying sac a shit

  • SoSmooveent:

    nice i got a fish tank too…

  • kannita12:

    hi im also with my partner in vegas and i wholsale houses and im looking for new opps can you advise

  • themagicofcoupons:

    thanks for sharing. Nice very nice vision book. I mean reality book. Because you really did accomplish your goal of flipping houses.

  • Sassymarkrep:

    Taking the real estate law class I’m sure was very smart on your part! Kudos to you.

  • 0nisful:

    How can I learn to do this?

  • mseifert52:

    Detroit property is great. To make a profit your going to buy property around metro-Detroit. You can still make money in the city but places like macomb county and Oakland County, down river and so fourth is where you want to invest. Although, if you know Detroit very well, you can profit there too. Mike Seifert, alexamanagement

  • ryandehler:

    I got started with $1200.00, turned it in to 22k in 3 months

  • JoshsGTO:

    Nice video, I was thinking about the Military or Real Estate. How much money did you need to get started?

  • ryandehler:

    are you kidding? you ever read a book you close minded idiot?

  • speedwayman100:

    this guys a flake you do need money or a bank how wouldnt you

  • RJCidInvestments:

    @MadBadVoodo your an idiot. – Other investors will agree.

  • ryandehler:

    haha. I dont know about detroit. I like buying things pennies on the dollar tho :)

  • Cdogpyjamas:

    I wonder what this Ryan person thinks of Detroit property…

  • MadBadVodoo:

    My Bad,

    I just Googled you. Your blowing up. How come I never heard of you before? Congrats on your success.

    Sorry I was so lame and was hating on you. I really like dogs.

    Enjoy Fiji bro.

  • MadBadVoodo:

    Man you have me all wrong I am not trying to player hate! I have seen it all before and its all good 2 me. I am a firm believer in a fool and his money is soon parted and I say fuck the fool! So Rock on and I hope a ton on people buy your stuff!!


  • ryandehler:

    thanks for the compliments – I gotta run…..im off to fiji

  • ryandehler:

    I have no reason to argue with you. I will post a follow up video at the end of the month with a check showing my profit from this month (the month of october 2008). How do you argue with somebody who if making nearly 100k a month in a so called “DOWN MARKET”??????

  • ryandehler:

    Yes people like you. the ones that sit in front of their TV and watch CNN and get trapped in a mental world that only exists in the media.I care what trump is doing. Has the economy affect my business? Yeah, im making more now than I ever have. So again I will answer yes, people as ignorant as you make it better for me and give me more opportunity. And you clearly know nothing about investing if you are asking me about loans and banks. You DONT need money or banks to buy property.thanks again

  • MadBadVoodo:

    “Its people like you that give me opportunity” Um… How is that? Who do you flip the homes 2? Are you paying cash for the homes you flip? What banks are still giving money 2 house flippers? Hell what banks are still loaning money at all?? Donald Trump was just on CNBC last Thursday and was talking about how the credit crunch was putting the smack down on NY developers. So are you saying that the credit crunch affects Trump but not you?

  • ryandehler:

    Are you kidding? I just flipped 2 houses THIS MONTH and made 73k. No the party is just starting. This is the best market we have seen. Its people like you that give me opportunity. thanks

  • jet:

    How can u start flipping houses with 1,200? Every where i’ve checked, you need 20% down? So please tell me how you did it cause i can do 1,200! Thanks

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