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Real Estate Investing: How To Fix and Flip Houses, 1 of 5

In this video flipping homes expert Steve Cook begins a walk through of one of his latest “full cosmetic rehab” projects, detailing his investment strategy, estimated rehab costs and expected profit.
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25 Responses to “Real Estate Investing: How To Fix and Flip Houses, 1 of 5”

  • TheREIMaverick:

    I just had to comment on your video….wow, really!

  • angelenaorlandivbs:

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  • foreverbluewolf:

    I own 5 homes,one condo in NYC, one coop in Westchester, one condo down the shore, one in the Bronx, waterfront that I want to flip and one foreclosure cabin in New Platz. Mohonk Area in NYS, that I just closed on. How do I build all green and flip fast as I want to buy a larger Waterfront to have a B&B for seniors with moderate health issues. Garlick where are the houses for 20k? M

  • ResultsEnterprises:

    @DanTheRealEstateGuy Your right come check out my channel if your a beginner or experienced real estate investor and are looking for some good tips and tricks!

  • DanTheRealEstateGuy:

    Good Video but not for beginners. Do ligher fixers when starting out and leave this type of for the seansoned pros. You can find lighter Fixers or propterties that need near NO fix-up if you know where to look. DanTheRealEstateGuy

  • redtrolleyhomes:

    You did well on this video Steve. We have the same point of view about rehabbing houses. I been in real estate investing business for years now and I see how amazing it is to transform a house into a more better home. Of course a good home.

    I would like to invite you to take a quick tour to one of the rehab houses I been through. I did a quick walk though to most of my projects. I’m sure that we could exchange good ideas with our business-Robb

  • vista59:


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  • the1andonlytravis:

    I love the video!!! you did well.

    I have a few homes I need to get rid of for ASAP for only 20k they are already rented out for 500 a month. Add me on facebook and send me a message Travis Garlick

  • realbiz007:

    its a tough market out there this site really helped me as realtor….. myepicbiz com

  • RLJ93727:

    Great stuff #UN#

  • themagicofcoupons:

    Interesting. Can you do all that work for under $40k including labor?

  • markbradleyvideos:

    This video is very helpful. Looking forward to more of your tips. Thanks!

  • ultrabaron:

    So amateurish this video

  • jmpndcrew:

    did u start wholesaling before fixin homes and selling them

  • ravenous30:

    I heard Steve at a MARIEA meeting. His tone is boring, but his knowledge is very exciting and useful! Pay attention to what he says and not how he says it!

  • pgpeachess:

    that was two years ago…

  • 25bucks25:

    not bad,
    still can’t beat an steady monthly income of
    $7,000.- a month after a few months just by
    investing $25 dollars!

  • 4realestateleads:

    I really like your videos. They’ve been helpful and they are straightforward.

  • Kiyema:

    Very helpful, thank you.

    One question, how is that home possibly worth $80,000 in the condition that its currently in? Its must be in an expensive part of the country. Here in northeast Pennsylvania, a home in that condition would go for about $40,000 or less.

  • 250mxrider:

    So he plans to make $80,000 profit? but on his other video he said he only made $70,000 total from 50 deals – less than $2000 per deal. his claims don’t add up.

  • DogsAreMyLife:

    Hi BlackFinanceTV: You say as an agent you didn’t deal with flippers because they look at everything on the book but all too often they are unqualified to buy anything. I have sold a few houses and I have learned to spot these people coming up the driveway. I have even stopped some at the door and asked to see their pre-approval from the bank. I have turned some flippers away. Some agents don’t even know what a “qualified” buyer is. Its too bad I didn’t have you as my agent. Good Luck!

  • nmr20067:

    BlackFinanceTV, shut up just shut up. Your hater.LOL Steve is not a national guru. You said yourself you were alone a pitty Part-time agent. Just Shut up. Loser.

  • BlackFinanceTV:

    As a former part time Real Estate agent..I didnt deal with flippers. Everytime a “gure” came into town everybody would call to look at a TON of house and noo deals would go through! Many of the people cant even qualify for loans anymore and MOST dont even own their own home!!

  • pinchememofeo:

    Just seemed that way, not trying to be a jerk or anything. I actually like all the videos posted from this user and all of the info in them. Just making an observation that I thought was funny is all.

  • moseskjp:

    I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but there were no lines to read. It may seem like that b/c he was a little nervous to be on camera. But what you’re seeing was one take, unrehearsed.

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