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Cat Tree, Beige

Cat Tree, Beige

  • Great unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising
  • Made from attractive plywood with faux fur covering
  • Looks great in any room
  • Easy assembly
  • 2 ramps, instruction manual, and necessary tools included

Model No.: A7401; Covering Material: Faux Fur; Covering Color: Beige; Board Material: Plywood; Post Diameter: 3-1/2-inch; Overall Dimensions: 50-inch (L)X26-inch (W)X74″(H); Max Holding Weight: 60 lbs;

List Price: $ 175.00


3 Responses to “Cat Tree, Beige”

  • M. Finkelman:
    165 of 166 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Multiple Cat Household’s Dream!!!, November 13, 2008
    M. Finkelman

    Very easy to assemble!

    We have a multiple cat household and have cats of various ages, sizes and agility skills. Our heaviest cat at 17 lbs fit on all levels and while the platforms at the top are not the biggest he fit on them comfortably. Our oldest cat at 18 years old used the stair climber to the next level from the floor and did so with ease.

    The tree is sturdy and we don’t have any wobbling that would make us hesitate having two 17 pound cats at the top jumping around. It is made with solid wood, not particle board which is great! The felt “fake fur” covering the wood is thin, not like the carpet on most other trees, however, it is soft and easy to clean.

    The scratching posts are used the most and hold up very well to every use. You may want to get new hanging toys because the little yarn balls that come with the tree fall apart easily.

    The product name plate attached to the front of the tree gives it a classy and expensive look even though the cost was very reasonable.

    In our opinion we think everyone with a multiple cat household should have one of these. Oh, assemble it where you want it because it is bigger than you think. The company does a great job packing it so you will be surprized at the small box compared to the final size.

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  • roheis "roheis":
    101 of 103 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    6 large cats love this cat tree!, April 22, 2009
    roheis “roheis” (Columbus, GA United States) –

    I have 6 big kitties – the smallest weighs 10 pounds and the largest is 15 pounds and almost a yard long. I wasn’t sure if they would be able to use the little house, but they all can fit in it and love to sleep there. The tall perches are sturdy and are also favorite sleeping places. We have had this tree for four months, and my cats play hard on it every day. It has held up well – all I have to do is tighten the screws on the taller perches about every 6 weeks. The fur covering is MUCH nicer than the cheap carpeting most companies use. It doesn’t shed all over like the carpet ones do. It is also easy to vacuum or brush clean. There are lots of sisal-wrapped posts for clawing, and they go far enough up that even my biggest cats can get a good stretch.
    The tree arrived quickly, in one box, with all pieces and tools included and identified clearly. I put it together by myself in about an hour, even though I am handicapped and only 5 feet tall. The cats were playing on the pieces before I even got it all assembled. The toys I got were a mouse and a fish (with one spare mouse for later!). They have not come apart like the little fluff balls can. My cats have batted, chewed, and clawed these toys… and they still look great! I will never buy cat furniture from any other company. Very highly recommended!!

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  • Scott B. White:
    82 of 83 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing Product and Value, February 27, 2010
    Scott B. White (Rockville, MD) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I almost never write reviews but for this product I simply had to, it is that good! I bought a second one after getting the first, I was so impressed. I then bought a 62 inch Armarkat tree to complete the buying spree (more on that below). I now have one tree for each level of my townhouse, for my two newly adopted rescue cats of seven months and one year, respectively. I’ve had them for two weeks now. My female is a quiet and gentle cat, the male an active, playful rabble-rouser. They both really like them, her mainly the cat condos for sleeping, him the higher perches for racing up and down and playing with his toy mouse. They both use the sisal posts frequently. I am shocked this is not one of the most popular pieces of cat furniture on Amazon, all things considered. And like several other reviewers, I did considerable research, on over 50 cat trees, before settling on this one. Main attributes are as follows:

    Sturdiness: Like a rock. the base is 28×24 inches, very generous, and the way the posts are anchored and the higher perches positioned, it allows the entire structure to remain solid, even when an active cat leaps on it. I have not yet had both cats on simultaneously (they are not yet socialized) but do not anticipate a problem at all. I should note here that the 62 inch Armarkat I got last is not quite as sturdy; the smaller 24×20 base makes a difference. And as others have noted in reviews of that product, the top perches wobble a little, but not so much as to discourage the cats. But since I have a point of comparison, it reinforces my positive opinion of this one.

    Value: Triple aces! The pricing is extremely low for the number and quality of the 10 sisal posts and the number of perches and condos, as well as the workmanship. I mean, half the price of the popular pet chain store trees, and to me, better quality. Also, the faux fur, while not plush, is certainly comfortable, and to my surprise the whole apparatus looks quite handsome despite its size.

    Ease of Assembly: A breeze. The wordless instructions are nonetheless clear, and the lettered pieces and screws virtually idiot-proof, unless, as can happen with the cats around, you are not paying attention! I was very happy with how tightly the sisal posts can screw in, which along with the wide base is what assures the solid structure. I assembled the first in just over 30 minutes, the second, as I knew how to do it, in about 20 minutes.

    Usability: This of course trumps everything else. If the cats don’t like it, nothing else matters. My somewhat reticent female just sniffed it the first day, but by the second she was using the scratching posts, and by the third she had claimed the top condo as one of her favorite resting places. On both pieces, upstairs and downstairs. My male is fearless and started jumping on it approximately four seconds after I showed him what it was. He was in a cramped foster apartment before I adopted him a week ago, so who knew he had strong acrobatic tendencies? But he does, and he has had more exercise the last three days with these trees than he did the previous month.

    Delivery: Fast, before the promised date both times, and while the box is heavy for some (the thing weighs about 50 pounds), it is easy to unpack by the front door and then carry the individual pieces to wherever the tree is going up.

    Height and Bulk: These were the two factors that made me hesitate awhile before finally purchasing it. I was afraid it would be too bulky for my upstairs computer room (the first one I bought), and I wasn’t sure about going that high. While it is not petite, it has the right proportions for a serious piece of cat furniture if you are interested in ensuring your cats have a comfortable and inviting plaything and resting place for years to come. I think its size and height are inducements for them to claim ownership. They already know it is “theirs” and do not spend (too) much time climbing on shelves and other places they don’t belong–so far. I got the 62 inch tree for my family room, where the height and bulk of the 72 inch simply would not have worked. And while I am not quite as pleased with that one as this, mainly due to the slight (emphasize slight) wobbles and also the faux fleece vs. faux fur, that one still works well. But this one deserves superlatives. Interestingly, neither cat has yet mounted the highest perch, though the male keeps eying the ceiling and I think it’s just a matter of time (gives him something to think about, anyway!)

    The Toys: Based on others’ comments, I did not attach. Good thing, too. the female plucked pieces off one ball within seconds when I showed it to her. But a minor point-just research, buy and put up your own highly-rated cat-tree toys.

    Caveat about faux fur vs. faux fleece. As I am/was a neophyte cat tree buyer, and all the Armarkat…

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